Harriet Popham

Pooches of Chelsea

This collection captures dogs in all shapes and sizes sporting a delightful assortment of jackets and strutting around Chelsea with an undeniable air of superiority.

To create this collection, I visited  and revisited Chelsea, admiring beautiful squares, sweeping columned crescents and pristine shop fronts. It was wonderful to see the joy and pride which dogs bring to their owners. All the dogs were more than used to posing perfectly for their photograph! 

I have developed a soft water colour print as well as a fine line intricate illustration both available in shades of eggshell blue or monochrome.  


Northern Birds

Originally commissioned by Sheffield Museum, these designs were inspired by items within the John Ruskin collection in the Millennium Gallery. Ruskin's enthusiasm for architecture and nature studies is reflected in the intricate illustrations of Sheffield’s buildings presented inside bird silhouettes. The birds sit between leaves from Sheffield’s Winter Gardens illustrated in Brusho pigment, acrylic paint, block colour and fine line drawings.

I created a 40sq metre design that was installed in the Millennium Gallery and have now reworked the lively and vibrant prints for interior textiles. 


British Blues

My Graduate Collection British Blues was inspired by willow pattern porcelain and Toile de Jouy wallpaper with a contemporary and comical twist. The designs reflect a time when I seemed to be constantly on trains between places I loved, culminating in a Swansea & Seagull Toile, a South Kensington spoon back chair and a Bristol - Bath watercolour wallpaper. Though the scene compositions and colour palette echo the aesthetics of the traditional blue and white designs, the playful interruption of the oversized and bold linear birds, often illustrated in embroidery, make the designs fun and fresh.

Clifton Clementine

This collection illustrates the Royal York Crescent and other examples of Clifton's stunning Victorian and Georgian town houses. I used to visit Bristol Zoo as a child and a return trip inspired the incorporation of the silhouetted lion-tailed macaques,black howler & brown spider monkeys clambering over nearby Clifton roof tops.

This wild escape is echoed in a vivid clementine and jade colour palette and a lively angular composition. 


Glastonbury Meadows

This collection is a true representation of all that surrounds my studio in Glastonbury. The windows over my desk look out to patchwork fields with cows that often wander right into our garden. Horned Highland cattle and flocks of sheep graze the nearby hills which overlook Glastonbury Town.

The designs feature ancient architecture such as the Abbey, the Tor and the George and Pilgrim pub which are juxtaposed with industrial buildings and embroidered pylons. The rich pink and green colour palette comes directly from the Somerset hedgerows.